Physician’s Office



  • Address: Rynek Staromiejski, Stargard
Known as “fizykat”, the former Stargard municipal physician’s office was located on the southern side of the Town Square. The best known of the local physicians was David Herlitz (1557–1636) who was also a mathematician, astrologist and poet. He was appointed the municipal physician twice, in 1598 and in 1614. Working together with the Town Council, Herlitz managed to establish a common price list for all Stargard pharmacies, thus making medications available to all citizens. He also prepared the “infection ordinance” – a printed instruction for the local population in the event of an epidemic. The physician’s office burned down in 1635; after reconstruction, the building was handed over to one of the town’s officials. The physician’s office is represented by the Griffonet with a spherical astrolabe and a sweet william. The sphere symbolises David Herlitz’s passion for astronomy and astrology. On many portraits which have survived to this day, Herlitz is shown with a sweet william (protecting against plague and other diseases) similar to the one held by the Griffonet.
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