Jewish cemetery



  • Address: ul. Wojska Polskiego, Stargard

Established around the year 1700, the Jewish cemetery on Kalkenberg hill (currently Wojska Polskiego 3) was one of the earliest Jewish burial grounds in the Pomerania region. In the early 20th century, due to its deteriorating condition, the original chapel had to be replaced with a new building. Between 1812 and 1938 when the cemetery was probably liquidated, around 900 people had been buried in there. A number of pieces of matzevahs from Stargard are kept in the local museum. The Griffonet leans against the matzevah, i.e. a Jewish headstone, with the symbol of broken candles. In Jewish tradition, an extinguished or broken candle on the headstone means that the person suffered a tragic death. This is a reference to the harrowing fate of Jews during World War II.  

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It’s Hebrew, spoken by the Jewish community which used to live in the old Stargard. Hebrew was used only for prayers and during religious ceremonies.

Find a stick and write your name in Hebrew on the ground. Remember, in this language, you need to write from right to left! The alphabet provided below is simplified to suit our game.
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