Executioner’s House



  • Address: przy Kanale Młyńskim, Stargard
The Executioner’s House was located in the old Szewska street. Even though the profession of executioner was considered elite, as it was part of the local justice system, executioners were generally treated with contempt by their communities. The executioners were always men who inherited the position from their fathers. The available historical records confirm that Stargard had executioners from the 17th century, but in fact the town had employed them since the 15th century when Stargard was granted the right to administer capital punishment by decapitation. The first known Stargard executioner was Hans Kuntz (sometimes also written as Kunz, Kuntze or Kuntzen). The Griffonet holds the executioner’s sword, used by the Stargard executioner to decapitate convicts. The original sword can be seen on the permanent exhibition in the Bastile in Piastowski Park.  
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