St John Gate



  • Address: ul. św. Jana Chrzciciela, Stargard
St John Gate was one of the four town walls in Stargard. Today, the only remnant of the gate building dating back to around 1450 is the road tunnel. Named after the nearby church of St John the Baptist, the gate structure included the gatehouse, the drawbridge, the gate neck and the outer gate. It was similar in appearance to the Pyrzycka Gate. From 1721, the vertical extension of the gate was used as prison which in 1820 was converted into lunatic asylum (psychiatric hospital). In 1842, as part of the dismantlement of some of the town ramparts, the gate was demolished and the tunnel became part of the traffic system. The Griffonet holds a halberd which symbolises the town guards watching over and controlling St John Gate.  
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The gate was dismantled in the 1840s; in the late 19th century, a pointed arch tunnel was built through the former embankment of the tower. Climb on top of the tunnel and take a look around. How many church steeples can you spot? Can you name all of them? Do you know which denominations they represent?
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