The Wheat War



  • Address: Wojska Polskiego, Stargard
The war between Stargard and Stettin, which took place between 1454 and 1464, was the consequence of disputes between the two towns which continued from around the middle of the 14th century, arising from conflicting privileges and competing to dominate the maritime trade. Stargard had the right to duty-free trade on the Baltic Sea, while Stettin had the storage right applicable to all vessels setting out from the Duchy of Pomerania. In the 15th century, the tensions boiled over and an open military conflict broke out. Multiple battles were fought on land and water, leading to the destruction of the port in Inoujście and the blockade of the mouth of the Ina river. Stargard was also stormed by Stettin troops, while the Stargardians burned down the so-called customs bridge on the Regalica river and looted the suburbs of Stettin. Due to heavy losses on both sides but also thanks to the mediations by other Hanseatic cities, Stargard and Stettin eventually signed a truce in Anklam in November of 1464. The Griffonet with a bag of wheat and an axe symbolises the largest open conflict between Stargard and Stettin, dubbed the “Wheat War”. The name is no coincidence, as the background of the war was the struggle for domination in trade. The majority of the Pomeranian wheat was transported through Stargard which refused to observe the Stettin privileges.
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