The Lion Pharmacy



  • Address: Grodzka, Stargard
The Lion Pharmacy (Apteka pod Lwem) was founded in the year 1580. The date is confirmed in the charter issued for the town by the Duke of Stettin, Johann Friedrich, in 1583. Originally, the pharmacy was located in the town square (its first address was Markt 9), but in the early 18th century moved to Poststrasse 1 (which is now the corner of Grodzka and Mieszka I streets). The pharmacy was founded to supply the local citizens with the necessary medications, but also to fill the town’s coffers. In the great fire of Stargard in 1635, the damage to the pharmacy was so extensive that the owners decided to sell it. Since then, it changed hands frequently until the building burned down to the ground in 1945. The last owner of the pharmacy before World War II was Wilhelm Haars. The mortar held by the Griffonet refers to the tool often used by pharmacists to grind small amounts of medicinal substances into fine paste. It is modelled after the mortar which until 1945 was a part of the collection of the Stargard Heimatmuseum.
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Read the three recipes for “magic” potions. Try to gather the ingredients for one of them and brew it.

Love potion:

- 1 feather of collared dove
- 1 leaf of ginkgo biloba
- 2 tears

Grind in the mortar and mix during full moon. Smear the tip of your ring finger. You will find love by the next full moon.

Potion for toothache:

- 2 acorns without cups
- 1 leaf of london planetree
- 50 ml of rain water

Grind all ingredients in the mortar and warm up with your hand. Smear your forehead and then call the dentist.

Potion for good mood:

- 2 common dandelions in the balding phase
- a few drops of summer rain or snow flakes
- two touches of sunlight at full noon

Spread the dandelions around you, drizzle yourself with rain water or snow, and turn your face to the sun.
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